Thousands of Central Texas Oak Trees Saved Since 1992


When you hire Briggs Oak Wilt Service, you hire Certified ISA Arborist and Oak Wilt Expert Bobby Gene Carroll. Bobby was thoroughly trained by James Briggs and is carrying forward James’ 26 years of renowned industry experience.  He is devoted to saving your trees with a proven treatment process, while also protecting your property value and giving you peace of mind. The solid reputation of Briggs Oak Wilt Service was built on successfully saving thousands of trees from Oak Wilt Disease and keeping customers happy.

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oak wilt

Identifying the Oak Wilt Symptom known as Veinal Necrosis can be tricky, but Briggs Oak Wilt Service can help you start the process…


the live oak tree

The Live Oak Tree is a staple of Central Texas and a symbol of our strong heritage. This beautiful tree is a vital cornerstone of our natural landscape…